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Visualize the ontology in human-readable form (thanks to LODE) or download it in Turtle.

Test the

Use the sample data and test our sparql queries.

GENO and Gustave Roud

GENO is created and implemented in the project "Gustave Roud. Œuvres complètes" (UNIL). See the Actualités in our page.

Examples of questions you can answer
if you model your data with GENO

Which published works by X-author are rooted in his diary?
How many avant-textes are included in the genetic dossiers of each X-author's work?
In which published works it is reused the article XXX already published in 19XX?
To how many genetic dossiers an avant-texte can belong to in X-author's works?

SPARQL queries corresponding to these questions are available in our Github repo.

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